Register for Auskick or Juniors

To register to play with Kiama Power in Auskick or Juniors, please select and click on one of the following Links which will take you to the FootyWeb online registration web page. There are separate registration processes for Auskick and Juniors.

Please read the information below about registering before proceeding, particularly if:

  • You have changed email address since last registering
  • You are registering for the first time
  • You are not sure whether to register for Auskick or U9’s
  • You are transferring from another Australian Rules Football club
Register for Auskick           Register for Juniors

If you experience any difficulties in the registration process please contact the Club’s registrar as follows:

  • Auskick Registrar: Hope Prosser (m) 0413 027 939
  • Juniors Registrar: Tracy Hicks (m) 0427 903 171
  • Email:

Information About Registering to Play Auskick & Juniors

Moving from Auskick to U9s

If you are moving from Auskick to U9’s please register as a NEW player by using the JUNIOR Registration link NOT the Auskick link.

Determining Which Age Group

The Illawarra Junior competition is made up of teams in the following: Auskick, Under 9s, U11s, U12s Girls, U13s, U15s, U17s.

The eligibility of a player for a particular age group is based on the player’s age at the commencement of the calendar year. For example, if a player is 8 years old at 1 January, he / she is eligible to play U9s. If a player is 9 years old at 1 January, he / she is eligible to play U11’s.

Children who are 5 to 7 years of age. Please use the Auskick Registration link.

Children who turn 8 years after 1 January. A child turning 8 during the year may be eligible to play U9’s after assessment by the Auskick Coordinator and U9’s coach. If you’re not sure whether your child is eligible for U9’s, please use the Auskick registration. This won’t prevent them from playing U9’s if they are subsequently assessed as eligible.

Children who are already 8 years at 1 January. Please use the Junior Registration link

When you use the Junior Registration you do not need to nominate an age group. The registration system will allocate this on the basis of the player’s date of birth. The Club, in consultation with parents and players, may allow some players to play in a higher age group.

For further information on age groups & teams, please click on the “Teams” tab in the menu above.

Registering for the First Time

Before you commence the registration process ensure you have your child’s Medicare number and Birth Certificate number for identification purposes. Also please have your credit card details ready so the system doesn’t time you out.

Transferring From Another Club

If you played at another Australian Rules Football Club in any State / Territory and are wanting to transfer to Kiama Power, please contact the relevant Registrar and provide the following details:

  • Players full name
  • Players date of birth
  • Players FootyWeb number (if known)
  • The name of the Club transferring from

Our Registrar will then initiate an online transfer request. There are generally five or six levels for the transfer request to be cleared at, so this process can often take one to two weeks to come back to the Club. Once the clearance is issued, the Registrar will contact you to then complete the registration process.

Change of Email Address Since Last Registering

One of the first steps in the registration process is to enter an email address. This email is connected to the player(s) registration. If you have changed email address since last registering, it is important that you contact the Club Registrar BEFORE registering so that your email details may be changed in the FootyWeb system.

Forgotten Your FootyWeb Log-in Details

If you cannot remember your FootyWeb email login, please contact the relevant Registrar who will be able to look this up and provide it to you. If you have forgotten your password, please click the “Forgot Password” link in the FootyWeb system.

Registration Fee

The registration fee for 2018 is $140 per player. This fee goes toward covering registration with the League and costs associated with running the club, including equipment and apparel, insurance, catering, ground preparation. Auskick registration also includes the Auskick pack. New players to the Junior Club will receive a free pair of playing socks and shorts.

NOTE1: ACTIVE KIDS VOUCHER – you can receive a $100 discount for each child you are registering. See our News Item on this for further details and links.

NOTE2: JUNIOR GIRLS – if you are registering for Junior Girls only (ie Under 12s or Under 15s), and not intending to also play in the boys competition, the Club will meet the cost of your 2018 registration, ie registration is $0.

Payment Methods

  • Online payment via credit card when you register is the Club’s preferred option.
  • Cheque – payable to Kiama Junior AFC (please ensure you write on the back of the cheque the players name and date of birth).
  • Cash – payable to the Clubs Registrar.

Registration Day

The club will be hold a Registration and Meet The Coaches day in early 2018. Information on the date will be published in the new year. If you are intending to register on that day, please bring all relevant information as detailed above, including payment.


The Club uses TeamApp to send notifications to players and parents in relation to Club events, training times, game day information, impact of wet weather, social events etc.

If you’re already registered for TeamApp, please check your details to ensure they are all correct, including the teams that your are registered to receive information for.

If you don’t yet have TeamApp, please login to the Apple Store or Google Play and download the free App. Once downloaded, please search to add Kiama Power Junior AFC and then select the groups / teams you wish to be added to.